Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dream Interrupted: A Sonnet

Wake up, dull heart, lulled into dream by life,
   If this is life, to stumble drunk behind
   An empty circus train. Oh man, what kind
Of man are you who does not feel the knife

Of sunrise? Listen to a drum and fife
   That don’t exist, while all the time you’re blind
   To real things—blue water, waving pines,
A kid’s brash smile, the softness of your wife?

The caravan collides—with what? What gives?
   The impact of a question breaks the spell.
      I’m staggered like a shadow boxer hit
By phantoms come to life. Heart wakes: I live!
   The sun! The sky! Again, the steeple bell:
      The Angelus has pulled me from the pit.

1 comment:

  1. Very interesting. I had to read it three times and liked it better each time. Love the imagery of stumbling after the caravan / empty circus train, listening to a drum and fife that doesn't exist etc.

    Woah! Where did that day by day quote come from?? Yikes that's pertinent. I know the answer. Yes I can bear the gaze. No I can't bear my inadequacy in front of it. And hence I flee from it.


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