Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bowling with Jesus

If Christ is contemporaneous with us, as Father Carrón continues to remind us, and God bless him for it, then He is present even when we are bowling—ten-pin or candlepin, it really doesn’t matter which. Saturday afternoon I went ten-pin bowling with my CL friend B. and his sons, M. and M. And I know Jesus was present, because otherwise, well . . .

Through CL and our participation together in parish life, B. and I have become good friends without any instigation but Christ. I mean, we enjoy each other’s company, he’s a good guy and so am I, but if not for Christ, we might not give each other the time of day. And there we were this afternoon—at Lanes and Games on Route 2 outside Boston—B. once having made a try at a professional bowling career and I not having bowled for 45 years, no exaggeration—and I won! I won! I won! If that isn’t a miracle, then you can forget about the loaves and fishes.

I threatened B. that I would write a post about this, and now I have. Thank you, Jesus!

(Full disclosure paragraph: I won only the third of three games, 195-186. Over any five, twenty, or one hundred games, B. would clean my clock, then dismantle it.)

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