Thursday, March 17, 2011

With the Encouragement of Saints

I am off today to Washington, DC, to spend four days at the Dominican House of Studies. This follows an inspiration of about a year’s duration to write a book about priestly vocations in the Catholic Church. A friend of mine is a Dominican brother, in training to be a priest. Through his kind intercession, I will be meeting with Dominican priests and brothers in an effort to understand their calling. I don’t think I could be traveling at a more propitious time.

Our parish has just completed a Lenten Mission, led by Bishop John D’Arcy. Last evening’s Mass was an extraordinary culmination of a week that took months to plan. It has already brought graces to our parish (over 2,000 people attended over three nights), and I know more are to follow.

Thanks to the Mission, I fly to Washington on a strong tailwind. I chose this weekend for my trip because Saturday is the feast day of my patron, St. Joseph. I hadn’t calculated that I would be leaving home on the feast of St. Patrick, patron of my wife’s homeland. Or that I would return home (Monday) on the first day of spring.

One more coincidence: I incorporated my writing and publishing business, Memoirs Unlimited, on August 8, 1988—23 long years ago. Today, doing research on St. Dominic, founder of the Order of Preachers, I discovered that his feast day is August 8.

Thanks in advance for your prayers! I hope to reciprocate with some interesting posts over the next few days, as I make new friends among the Dominicans.

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