Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finding You There

I drove to your house with a dread I could taste;
You were sick, maybe dying, and no one was home,
Just you alone.
I’m frightened by sickness. What mess would I face?
If death, would I panic and run? It could be.
I’m such a baby.

The street was deserted, your car in its place.
I crossed the front porch, with my heart in my mouth,
My guts gone south.
I knocked and ashamedly lowered my face.
I waited. Your voice said, “Come in.” The knob turned.
My heart burned.

And everything changed when I walked in the door.
My fear was dissolved. My heart filled right up,
A brimming cup.
I came to you curled in your robe on the floor,
And felt a strange chill, then a thrill in the room,
Like a tomb.

The whole world went silent, with one certainty:
I knew what to do—pay attention, give care,
Say a prayer.
I would not have done so alone, but then He
Said He would be here with three souls, or just two:
Me, Joan, and You.

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