Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making the Big Time

Congratulations to my friend and former blogging partner Frank Weathers (left), whose blog has been picked up by Patheos, the über-site of religious blogs.

The latest incarnation of “Why I Am Catholic” can be seen here.

As some of my readers may know, “YIMC” was started by yours truly in August 2008. About three months later, I invited Frank, a convert like myself and a retired US Marine, to come aboard. Three months further on, the crew went co-ed when Allison Salerno joined us. We had some good times together.

My own work schedule and writing bent led me in other directions eventually, and I started “Witness” last winter. Allison, meanwhile, has planted her own flag at Rambling Follower.

The Catholic blogosphere is wider than the ocean, and there’s room for vessels large and small. Good luck to both of my old shipmates on their latest cruises!


  1. Thankee kind sir! Captain's tours going on all day long. Launches leaving the quay every quarter hour. Come aboard and take the tour!

    p.s. Big time? I'm still swabbing my own decks, etc., etc. and I'm not sure how I slipped into the program. Ain't you amazed? ;)

  2. Whoa Frank! This is superb. Looking forward to checking out your new neighborhood.



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