Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Definitition of a Perfect Night

It was a perfect night in Webster Land. After a perfect day yesterday. Marian is home for the holidays, and I started the day with her at Mass. (Thanks, Father Chateau!) Then I drove Marian to a hospital travel clinic to begin her series of inoculations needed for round-the-world travel. Then I bounced between the archives at The Governor’s Academy and Eucharistic Adoration at home and back to Gov’s again for a supper-time meeting. Yesterday was my last day on campus at the 250-year-old boarding school, whose history I am finishing today.

And then the sports trifecta:

The big sports story in Boston these days is the not the Patriots, but the resurgent Stanley Cup Champion Bruins, on a nine-game winning streak after starting off in the cellar. Last night they eked out a 1–0 win against the Hated Habs (alias Les Canadiens de Montréal). Meanwhile, over on Monday Night Football the Pats were making it interesting in the first half before slaughtering the Chiefs in the second. (Is that metaphor politically correct?)

Best of all, though, were the rumors that the Red Sox will hire Bobby Valentine as their manager for the coming season. If you judge by talk radio, more Boston people already hate Big-Mouth Bobby than hated Grady Little at the height of the Terror. If the Sox hire Valentine, we can be assured of an “interesting” winter, no matter what the Pats and Bs do.

Did I mention the vegan chili and cookies for dinner?

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