Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in New York, The First 24 Hours

Last night, I dutifully followed Katie to the Macy’s Parade inflation event west of Central Park. There were a few who maintained a serenity befitting the season, like this girl in purple with a privileged seat. But mostly we were cattle, being herded past the likes of Spiderman, who peered at us from between the trees.

Teddy Roosevelt, “Beyond Planet Earth” on his mount outside the Museum of Natural History, appeared unimpressed.

This morning, we watched a few moments of The Parade itself, from a distant vantage point off Columbus Circle, unable to get much closer through the crowds. The Energizer Bunny did not slow down for us.

Fortunately, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph did slow down, and we had a moment’s peace in front of the Church of St. Paul the Apostle.

Then followed a beautiful Mass celebrated by the Paulist Fathers in this church dedicated to the memory of Fr. Isaac Hecker (1819–1888), founder of the Paulists. The font reflected the glory of this House of God.

Now it’s off to our daughter’s apartment for a vegan feast. Happy Thanksgiving, vegan or otherwise, to one and all. 

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  1. Just missed you, Webster! I was in Times Square watching the parade with a colleague from work and her family. Have a beautiful weekend in NYC.


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