Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life is Beautiful

In the final seconds of sleep last night, I dreamed that Katie was pregnant. She had gone several months without realizing or revealing it, and now one of our grown daughters and I sat admiring Katie as she lay, happy and quite orotund, on a daybed. We were all happy. I said to Marian, “Imagine if you and your sister had a little brother running around here now!” She smiled.

Now, let me be clear about this. If the message of the dream were literally true, it would constitute a miracle of a Biblical type nature, say, like St. Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, carrying the infant John the Baptist in late middle age. Despite appearances, ours is not a May-December marriage. Right now, I suppose it’s more like late October–early November.

I could have fun pushing the metaphor, but already I feel my friend Vincent developing a snarky comment like the one he made yesterday over my hairstyle in the picture of my wedding day which I have also made my Facebook profile image—something about a hairpiece on top of a soccer ball. As I said, Vincent is my friend.

But the dream had a real message for me, and it goes beyond thinking that the name Marian is a variant of Mary. Sitting in the sunlight, as we were in the dream, observing Katie on the daybed, we could have been Mary and Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah in the Visitation, which has always been my favorite Mystery of the Rosary.

Beyond an unlikely literal meaning, the dream said this to me: Our lives right now are pregnant with goodness and extraordinary possibilities. It has been a remarkable year for the Bulls, and I must now observe many boundaries and keep my comments brief.

For Katie, for our two adult daughters, for those they love, and certainly for me too, 2011 has been as good as it gets—at least so far. Our family is doing really well, individually and together as one.

I woke up smiling.

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