Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1: Dubai, The Adventure Begins

If you’ve been following this blog any length of time, you’ve heard me crowing about my daughter Marian, a blogger in her own right. I love the title of her blog: Marian Writes. It took me until age 59 to give myself permission to call myself a writer. At 23, Marian does write and well.

If you’ve followed her story, you may have read the ambitious itinerary she and friend Mariel are following from January to June. (Mariel has her own blog, which you can follow here too.) That ambitious itinerary has begun. I lay awake last night knowing that the two young women were on a jet due into Dubai. Finally, just after midnight, I heard the ding of my iPad and opened an e-mail from Mariel (“We are in … DUBAI! safe and sound waiting for our connecting flight to India!”).

A few minutes later, a second ding and a first travel post from Marian, with the explanatory note, “Abusing free wifi here.” Take a look, then go to Marian’s main page and subscribe to her posts in the right sidebar (“Sign me up!”).

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