Saturday, February 11, 2012

Abortifacients, Doctor-Assisted Suicide, What Next?

Catholics in Massachusetts are getting a chance to witness the full insanity of our culture: Last weekend we heard a pastoral letter from Cardinal Sean O’Malley on the Obama administration’s HHS ruling abrogating our religious freedom. This weekend, we are all listening to a homily by the Cardinal piped into every church in the Archdiocese on a ballot initiative in Massachusetts that would allow doctor-prescribed suicide.

The culture is executing a flanking maneuver on our own lives—forcing us to accept drugs that will kill babies, while simultaneously proposing to allow us to take drugs that will kill ourselves.

Maybe we’ll all wake up—finally—to the insanity.

It has taken me time to wake up. When I became a Catholic four years ago, I told people close to me that I didn’t want to get into political arguments with anyone. I was anticipating that before I had even been confirmed as a Catholic I would have to defend the Church’s positions on polarizing social issues like abortion, contraception, and women in the priesthood. My faith was too fragile, I thought, to face that fight.

After hearing the Cardinal’s message today, I think I am ready for it.

Less than two weeks after the HHS ruling and two days after the Obama administration’s inadequate “compromise,” I sat beside my wife and listened to O’Malley explain the “slippery slope” down which November’s ballot initiative pitches us. In Oregon, he said, where assisted suicide is legal, the total suicide rate (assisted or otherwise) is now 35 percent above the national average. In the Netherlands, where it’s ridiculously legal, a doctor can prescribed suicide drugs for—melancholy!

The Cardinal urged all of us to visit the web site Suicide is Always a Tragedy. I urge you to do the same.

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  1. Yes, I remember how you said that in politics there is always someone to the left and to the right of us. And I agreed and agree. But these intrusions on our core beliefs - our very humanity - it is too much to stand in the sidelines.


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