Thursday, April 12, 2012

Camino? Real!

I am ten days from Italy and four weeks from the Camino de Santiago. This is getting real. And it’s all coming together.

Today, I completed the manuscript of a short biography for a private client. Three other longer-term projects are all coming to fruition. Right now.
One has been delivered from the printer to a satisfied client this week. Another is going to the printer next week. The third is being submitted for final client approval before I leave for Venice.

Since my daughter invited me to walk the Camino last October, and I said yes (like, what else could I say?), everything has conspired to make this trip of a lifetime come true. I’m even getting paid by all four clients—more than enough to justify the insane sabbatical I allowed myself the moment I agreed to Marian’s invitation.

Now come the final details of packing. Marian helped me shed a ton of anxiety when she reminded me that all I really need is (1) a passport, (2) a credit card, (3) a pack, and (4) broken-in hiking boots. “Everything else you can buy in Europe, Dad,” she told me. “Don’t worry if you forget something.” She’s been in India and Southeast Asia for over three months, so she knows what for.

After the honeymoon Katie and I never had in 28 years (Venice, Assisi, Rome), Marian will be flying in from Bangkok to join us for a few days in Rome and Florence. Then Katie flies home via a workshop in Spain, and Marian and I head to the Camino de Santiago via Lourdes.

Am I the only dreamer?

The reading and writing details are what I’m thinking about most. What will I read and how will I write? Since pack weight is everything when hiking, I have decided to take only one electronic device: my iPad with Bluetooth keyboard. With this I can continue writing the memoir I started eight weeks ago, journal about my experiences, and read books via Kindle.

For books, I have downloaded the New American Bible and the complete works of Dostoevsky. Do you think that’s enough?

Blogging will not be as smooth as it has been. This post was written on the iPad, and it shows. No fancy formatting, no pretty pictures, just a big hunk of type. I am vain about my blog and how it looks, but I have resolved to let thet drop, at least the looks part. Until I return from the Camino at the end of -- June!! -- my blog will look like this, that is, like nothing.

Hopefully, you will continue reading because I plan to continue writing.

Hasta mañana, baby!


  1. I'm looking forward to reading about your Way: I live in Santiago de Compostela.
    I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Angel, Que bueno! (My daughter is fluent in Spanish, all I know how to say is, Que bueno!) We plan to arrive sometime around June 18-20. Maybe we could meet.

  3. Webster: Seriously - you have inspired me I am going on that walk. My older son could cycle it and the younger one walk it with me. I now am walking five miles a day - and eventually want to work up to 10. The little guy is very very interested! I don't know when I would do this but I would like to set a date and make a goal. At some point after you go I want to debrief with you about costs, logistics etc. This might be a five-year goal but it will happen; I teach now and have two plus months off every summer. Maybe it will be my reward for when I complete my master's in special ed.

  4. Beautiful, Allison. It is a very exciting prospect. I will be posting about it as much as possible, hotspots permitting, and will be happy to talk/meet afterward. Bless you and your family.

  5. Where are you starting the walk? TTYL


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