Monday, September 3, 2012

The Lord: Coming Soon!

Tomorrow morning I begin a series of 88 posts about The Lord by Romano Guardini. This is because the book has 88 chapters, and I am reviewing them one by one. Like a serialized cartoonist, though hopefully not like a serial killer, I already have ten posts “in the can,” and am trying to write one a day in order to stay well ahead of any deadline pressure, which Lord knows I am quite capable of both dealing with and imposing on myself.

I owe this flight of blogging insanity to several inspirations.

The first is my friend Tom Howard, who should not be implicated in the insanity part. But I overheard Tom, whose wisdom and opinion I profoundly respect, telling a mutual friend at a cookout this summer that he, Tom, had read The Lord three times. So this 88-post marathon is, in some ways, a game of Catching Up with Tom.

But what really triggered this pending blog series was two recent developments: (1) I have started writing a memoir about my journey from the Episcopal Church through a 40-year New Age wilderness to the Catholic Church, where I reside happily today; and (2) I recently met and talked with a beloved old friend from boarding school, the very place where I first stepped away from church-going and into the wilderness 46 years ago in 1966.

Having just finished The Lord at the time I met my old friend, I conceived of a mad project: a series of open letters about The Lord to this really great person, who meant so much to me in my high school and college years and who likewise is unimplicated in my insanity, as a way of focusing my religiously inclined thoughts toward exactly what happened at Exeter, such that I, a one-time devout Episcopal altar boy who dreamed of being a minister at age 15, emerged from three years at one of the leading secondary schools in the world a bona fide agnostic wise-ass searching for “something better.”

All of this is presented as a long form of caveat emptor. If you have any notion of reading along, you are better off knowing just what debts I am repaying and axes grinding.

If all this doesn’t scare you off, the Kindle version of The Lord is available right now at Amazon.

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