Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lord: First Week Summary

If you’re just catching on that we’re doing something crazy here—a series of 88 daily posts on Romano Guardini’s The Lord, framed as open letters to an old school friend of mine (who really does exist)—here’s a list of the posts so far. You can read the first week’s sequence by clicking each link in succession.

Author’s Preface
Chapter 1: “Origin and Ancestry”
Chapter 2: “The Mother”
Chapter 3: “The Incarnation”
Chapter 4: “The Forerunner”
Chapter 5: “Baptism and Temptation”
Chapter 6: “Interim”

Already “in the can” and ready to post at 4 a.m. EDT in the days ahead are:

Tuesday 9/11, Chapter 7: “Beginnings”
Wednesday 9/12, Chapter 8: “Scandal in Nazareth”
Thursday 9/13, Chapter 9: “The Sick”
Friday 9/14, Chapter 10, “What Was Lost”
Saturday 9/15, Chapter 11, “Disciples and Apostles”
Sunday 9/16, Chapter 12, “The Beatitudes”
Monday 9/17, Chapter 13, “The Fullness of Justice”
Tuesday 9/18, Chapter 14, “Sincerity in Virtue”

And so on, as God gives us the strength . . . 

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