Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coming Soon: “One Convert’s Catechism”

I have been thinking about the Year of Faith that begins tomorrow and wondering how to recognize it here on my blog.

In Porta Fidei (“The Door of Faith”), Pope Benedict’s apostolic letter formally announcing the special year, he wrote, “Faith grows when it is lived as an experience of love received and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy.” He went on to say that the Catechism of the Catholic Church can help us Catholics rediscover our faith and deepen our understanding of church teaching.

As a convert of recent vintage, I have dipped into the Catechism, but never studied it. So I’ve decided to begin a series of daily reflections on it, strictly from my personal point of view as an untrained, lay Catholic. These are likely to be all over the map, but they will at least help me engage with the Catechism in a serious way. Maybe some of the posts will be of value to you.

Of course, if you’ve been following, you know that I’m in the midst of a daily series already—88 reflections on the 88 chapters in Romano Guardini’s beautiful study of the New Testament, The Lord. If God gives me the strength, that series will conclude a few days before the First Sunday in Advent, which falls on December 2.

Since that will also be the start of the new liturgical year, and since the Year of Faith concludes at the end of that liturgical year with the Feast of Christ the King in November 2013, I’ve decided to start the new series on Sunday, December 2.

Announcing this now accomplishes two things, three actually: (1) it commits me, (2) it gives me time to get a head start, and (3) it scares the pants off me.

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