Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Hobby, My Blog

I began blogging over two years ago. I had a mission: to tell the world why I was Catholic. I even had a catchy title for my blog, “Why I Am Catholic,” and a smart mnemonic URL, YIMCatholic.

That lasted a few months, or I did. YIMCatholic lived on thanks to the able leadership of Frank Weathers, who continues to blog under the old “Why I Am Catholic” banner. And does it well.

Me, I ran out of reasons why I am Catholic. I mean the real reasons, which was the point in the first place. To be real. I thought. But blogging soon puts you in a sort of outer space where you’re not really talking with or listening to anyone although you’re counting how many people you’re not communicating with. And you’re answering the comments of people whose faces you can’t see.

For those, and other reasons, I have periodically thrown up my hands at blogging and said, No mas. 

Now I have the simplest of all reasons to continue. Blogging, I’ve discovered, is my hobby. My granddad, a businessman, did fine woodworking. My father, another businessman, sculpted in clay. I, a writer for hire, blog for fun. If I maintain that attitude/awareness, I can do this forever, whenever, and however I like. Five times a day, or once a month. It doesn’t matter. It’s my hobby.

I tried ham radio when I was twelve and making model airplanes a year or two later. But both were copycat hobbies. I did them because my friends were doing them, but they didn’t suit me. Almost from day one. Another friend was a hobby taxidermist. I didn’t even try that one. The idea of scraping roadkill off the tarmac and practicing on it didn’t appeal to me, for some reason.

But blogging does. I’ve loved it from the get-go. But all along I have been plagued by questions of significance, and dreams of financial gain, and—

Now I don’t have to think those things anymore. Blogging is my hobby. And I love it.


  1. Me too. And I get to meet interesting folks - like you - both cyberly and in real life. That is fun. Happy Hobbying.

  2. Hey was over four years ago that you started blogging. I know this because it was Thanksgiving 2009 when you asked me to share my story on YIMCatholic.

    Gulp! :)

  3. Ok, losing track maybe... I started YIMC in August 2009, so to be precise, 3 years and 3 months ago.

  4. Starting on our fourth year...oh my!


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