Friday, December 7, 2012

A Creative Minority Stirs in France

For the second time this week, there’s good news from France, and again I have Chiesa to thank for alerting me.

“No one would have bet on it,” Sandro Magister writes. “But after decades of invisibility and torpor, the French Catholic Church has returned vigorously to the public scene.”

Pope Benedict has said that the Catholic Church should serve as a “creative minority” in regions of the world that are becoming increasingly secularized, like France. Once called the “eldest daughter of the Church,” France now baptizes a tiny percentage of its children and only 5 percent of the population attend Mass regularly.

But something amazing is happening here.

In fact, it’s happening in Gay Paree, thanks in part to Cardinal André Vingt-Trois (above), the archbishop of that former world capital. I love that his name translates as Andy 23.

Intellectuals from across the political, social, religious spectra—lefties and righties, straights and gays, Catholics and atheists—are joining him in a legal and very public defense of traditional marriage.

To learn what Catholics can do, even from a deep minority position, read here.

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