Friday, December 28, 2012

April: “A Love I Would Dearly Like to Demonstrate”

Before starting this review of posts from the past year, with a resolution appended to each, I had made one resolution already. So I can’t use that resolution here, though it fits. I will have to think of another.

The previous resolution on which I am already acting is—finally, as early in 2013 as possible—to finish Anthony Powell’s twelve-volume cycle of novels A Dance to the Music of Time, about four friends from an English boarding school and the next fifty years of their lives.

I am now reading volume 11, Temporary Kings, as I noted yesterday.

Back in April I was on volume 7, and I reflected on why the Dance inspires me.

It has to do with the memoir I myself am writing, not really fiction though it could be, involving friends at boarding school and college, hither and yon, and the trouble they got into, until I got myself out of trouble finally and became a Catholic in 2008 at age 56.

This is that April post.

In it I noted:

“What strikes me about A Dance to the Music of Time now is Powell’s love for his characters—all 300 of them, in all their brokenness. It is a love for humanity, God’s greatest creation, a love I would dearly like to demonstrate in my own relatively modest project.”

And so my new resolution, which pairs nicely with my resolution in the last post, for March. That one was, In everything I write, to tell the truth. The new one is, In everything I write, to do so with love. 

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