Sunday, December 30, 2012

August: “I hope to understand the book more deeply, while pursuing a conversation with you, my old beloved schoolmate”

I stopped posting again during the first half of August, but then near the end of the month I started up again, and really started something.

While on vacation in Maine, when I wasn’t playing croquet, I was spending time with an old friend from school days. Later, he e-mailed me a dismissive comment about the Catholic Church, and I took umbrage. Then I sent him a copy of a book, The Lord by Romano Guardini (pictured)—and started a series of nearly 90 chapter-by-chapter posts on it. All in the form of open letters to my friend, as a way of saying, OK, you gonna say dat bout my Church, dis is what I got to say bout dat.

Here’s my first letter, with links to each in succession, just in case you want to (re)read amateur musings on a great Catholic theologian. In your spare time.

What do I make of this quixotic epistolary venture? That it probably was more valuable for me to write these letters than for my friend to “receive” them. (Since they were posts, on which he never commented, I don’t even know if he isn’t dead. . . . )

But seriously:

Spending three months with Guardini, at the rate of one chapter a day, and having to make a written judgment about each, deepened my understanding of my faith and brought me closer, I think, to The Lord. Which was the idea.

This leads to my eighth of twelve resolutions for 2013: To persist with my series of posts about the Catechism of the Catholic Church, about which I’ve already written more than 20 times, including the latest one.

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