Monday, December 31, 2012

December: My Twelfth Resolution

Unlike most Catholic bloggers, I seldom write about politics. I once pledged never to do so, but occasionally I will slip in a post on social issues of concern to Catholics. Like this one from December, which takes up against abortion

I have never enjoyed or taken a serious interest in politics, and with so many other bloggers covering every issue from every possible angle, who really needs to hear from me? I support the Catholic Church’s social platform. Period. Without apology. But it doesn’t move my writing.

What moves my writing is my experience. As a practicing Catholic, in the pews, on the street, and in the quiet of my own heart, I see the world in a way others don’t. That’s what I want to continue writing about.

So here’s my last resolution:

No matter how quirky it may be, no matter how few readers it may attract, I will keep this “Witness” personal and not political—the perspectives of just me, an ordinary meat-and-potatoes Catholic who loves his faith.

I began blogging with the thought that, by writing about my own experience and no one else’s, I might convince someone somewhere that for a relatively normal and intelligent 60-ish American man Catholic is a reasonable thing to be.

I still think that’s a point worth making.

If you catch me pandering by writing about “hot issues,” if you think I’m playing to the crowd and not straight from the heart, please let me know. That’s one use you can make of the comment box below.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year, Webster from a Brit!
    My wife - who did the Camino last year and plans a repeat this summer - recommended me (a recent convert to Catholicism, nearing 60 and planning to do the Camino myself this spring) to your blog. One of her many inspired suggestions.
    If it helps, please keep the blog as it is. If it was politics I wanted, I am hardly spoiled for choice.

  2. That's for sure, Ian. Sometimes I think I'm the only Catholic blogger who doesn't "do" politics. (Usually)


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