Friday, December 28, 2012

February: “Drop Everything, Especially Your Expectations”

OK, I’m a prophet. Or at least I was in February 2012. One time anyway.

I am reviewing my posts for the year—choosing one from each month and formulating a resolution based on it. In February, with still no snow on the ground north of Boston, I was breaking in my boots to train for the Camino de Santiago while finishing up a book project and starting another.

Meanwhile, I was doing what you do in Massachusetts during the winter, especially if you’ve just come back from Florida, and the weather is cold, raw, but drivable: You go to the movies. Especially because the press can’t think of anything better to do in February than predict the winners in the upcoming Oscars.

Well, for once I did so. Predicted the winner, that is. At least the big one.

I picked “The Artist” for Best Picture.

Here is the post.

I advised readers to “drop everything, especially your expectations,” and see the (mostly) silent film directed by Michel Hazanavicius and co-starring the perfect Bérénice Bejo (pictured above).

Here is my resolution: To see and review one new film per week. Hey, lightning might strike twice. 

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