Monday, December 31, 2012

October: “Religious Books or Just Good Science Fiction?”

A friend had been telling me to read Ender’s Game for twenty-five years. Did he have an intuition that this sci-fi classic and its sequel, Speaker for the Dead, would speak to me, who isn’t? Dead, that is?

Orson Scott Card’s two books truly did speak to me. I wrote about Ender’s Game in October, then wrote again. Then I read Speaker in December and wrote about that.

All of which makes my resolution quite simple:

To read the other two books in the Ender cycle, Xenocide and Children of the Mind. Then finish off with the first “spin-off” from this tetralogy, Ender’s Shadow. 

I’m not really a sci-fi guy. I can count on one or two hands all the sci-fi I ever read. But there are connections here between Card’s books and the memoir I am writing. And I want to understand them better. 

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  1. Webster,

    I would recommend "A War of Gifts" and "Ender in Exile" before moving to "Ender's Shadow". The Shadow series moves away from Ender and follows Bean during the same timeframe. A very good series in its own right but different. Glad you are enjoying the books.



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