Thursday, December 6, 2012

Songs of the Day: Five Bands in My Bucket

Generally, I find the notion of a bucket list stupid and offensive. First, you know you’ll never get to everything on it. Second, is that really the meaning of redemption? Checking stuff off? Then what?

But where rock-and-roll bands go, I am comfortable with the concept. Here are five bands that, well, let’s just say, I won’t kill myself if I don’t see them before I die. But it would be nice. To see them. Can you score me tickets?

PS. Only one of the five is USA-based.

First, we cross the border to Quebec, where we’ll find The Arcade Fire. I hear that their concerts are the bomb. Check out this early tune, “Wake Up.” I just want to be the guy with the drum and the tambourine.

Next we travel to Iceland, and no I’m not talking about Björk. Never dug her. Of Monsters and Men is another band I found through Pandora, on a station started with Florence + The Machine. Marian, who recently saw a concert, says they’re great fun.

Speaking of Florence + The Machine (always with that cool plus-sign) we'll have to go to England to hear her (them?) or else watch re-runs of SNL. Florence has one big voice:

Across the English Channel to Brittany we sail for the oldest band of the five. By far. And the only one without a female vocalist in the mix. Tri Yann means Three Johns in Breton, and it was founded in 1970 by three guys named John. Of course, with costumes like this, who needs women? (See also the photo at the top of this post.)

Finally, we return home to the States and the quietest band of the bunch but one I've had trouble tracking to ground. They seem to play concerts when they feel like it, sometimes on the spur of the moment. They are Ollabelle. Here’s a version I’ve never seen of “Riverside,” my favorite Ollabelle arrangement.

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