Monday, January 14, 2013

Emotions Running High

At least one reader has taken issue with my last post about the likely transition in our parish caused by the reorganization currently underway in the Archdiocese of Boston. He was offended by what he called my “glib” tone.

I am sorry if I have offended any sensibilities by what I wrote. I understand that emotions are running high in our parish today.

Still, with apologies where needed, I stand by the post. Here are some things I meant to say, if I didn’t make them clear the first time:

1. I love Father Barnes. He is a great pastor.

1b. I spoke with him in person this morning, so I did not write the first post in a vacuum, though admittedly I was not present yesterday when he announced his resignation, and many tears were shed. I would have shed my own, I’m sure, and Katie makes two.

2. I love Father Chateau. He is a great priest, who should not be forgotten in our prayers. His future is as much in doubt as Fr. Barnes’s, and his is a different situation entirely. I sincerely hope he stays with us in Beverly.

3. I cannot express how much I care for both of our priests. Period. They are superb individually and as a team.

4 and finally. I’ve learned one thing about the Catholic Church since “jining up” five years ago: Unlike the Congregationalist and Episcopalian “gathered communions” of my youth, we Catholic parishioners don’t get to pick our pastors. We don’t form committees and interview candidates, then check their references. That’s not how the system works, people.

The Catholic Church is a top-down organization, the top being the dude at the top of this post, Jesus Christ. Anyone who thinks that the Cardinal or the bishops reporting to the Cardinal are going to be swayed by some sort of grass-roots movement or campaign should take another look at things.

Or if they are swayed, we should get new bishops.

But then we don’t get to choose them either.

Which was the comic point of my first post: me organizing a campaign, get it? Ain’t gonna happen. I’m not printing posters.

I’m praying. God bless our priests. Over and out.

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