Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Les Miz or Django? Was I Wrong!

I feel like a jerk. OK, OK, I am a jerk.

Before Christmas, Creative Minority Report asked which movie readers wanted to see on Christmas Day, “Les Miserables” or “Django Unchained.” I thought “Django,” and I was the first to comment. You can see for yourself.

Maybe you’ll forgive me for being ironic. I hadn’t read the buzz on either film, and I was going on (a) Les Miz having been “on tour” for a quarter-century and (b) Django just seemed like more of a guy flick. Yeeesh.

My reviews are posted.

Les Miserables” is a powerful religious film. “Django Unchained” is violent, exploitative, ironic, and— funny? 

Not exactly. Don’t waste your money. 

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