Friday, January 11, 2013

On Holiday

I will be on a blogging vacation until Sunday evening at the earliest, as Katie and I are headed to New York to celebrate a certain special someone’s 60th birthday with our children.

I will be sending random, unscheduled tweets from the road. Feel free to follow. Otherwise, you might want to check out some recent and not-so-recent posts about:

The Oscar-nominated movie you just can’t help loving. It’s crazy but you love it.

The movie I hope wins Best Picture, though I suspect the award will go to this movie.
Then there’s the movie that shouldn’t have been made and probably will never be remade

I’ve restarted a twelve-book series of novels that I only just finished reading. I will have to blog about why, but not now. So many books, so little time, some things are timeless.

You could set out on the Camino de Santiago with my daughter and me.

Or you could take up croquet, secure in the knowledge that it is completely non-heretical.

You could contemplate a great Rembrandt, or read a book that contemplates it.

Alternatively, you could browse the list of my ten favorite books over at Goodreads, and we could be reading buddies.  

Or you could just (and this is probably what I would do if I were home and not on the road to NYC) go out and buy soda and Doritos to stock up for the big weekend of NFL football ahead. I will be home in time for Pats-Texans, that’s for sure. I don’t know any someone so special that her birthday would make me miss that.

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