Monday, January 14, 2013

You Can Take Our Barn(e)s, but You’ll Never Take Our Chateau!

Our pastor, Fr. David Barnes (left), announced his resignation at Mass yesterday. I was away so I missed the universal wailing and gnashing of teeth that followed.

I talked with some friends at the coffee shop this morning, who told me that, making the announcement, Father was so choked up he could barely get the words out. He doesn’t want to leave. But as he explains in his latest post, the resignation was forced by the Boston Archdiocese’s new reorganization plan.

Well, Beverly Catholics, I have a plan of my own . . .

Asked this morning if he thought there was any chance he would be reassigned to our parish in the reorganization, Father Barnes indicated that he thinks the chances are slim. He didn’t say none, but I inferred that.

This may be premature. There is a citywide meeting on Sunday 1/20 at 1pm, and I gather that some Barnes partisans may attend in protest. I will be out of town and anyway I am an old man. Except in matters related to the NFL, I am willing to let the Holy Spirit rule, so —

I will miss Father Barnes. As a convert five years ago, I have known only one pastor. I just don’t know what this is going to be like.

But to assure some continuity, for myself and for my fellow parishioners, I am proposing a new campaign, and I ask all Beverly Catholics to climb aboard the bus.

Our slogan is: You Can Take Our Barn(e)s, But You’ll Never Take Our Chateau.

Placards printed SAVE OUR CHATEAU are now at the printers.

I am asking all upstanding Beverly Catholics to rally around our parochial vicar (assistant to the pastor), Fr. Ixon Chateau, who is the man, the bomb, the real deal.

While Father Barnes is an exceptionally gifted administrator and attentive pastor, Father Chateau (left) has the best smile on the planet. And everyone in our parish appreciates the attention he gives to one and all, especially the sick and homebound.

Furthermore, he is one of only two people on earth (so far) who call me Mr. Bull. The other is four years old. For this reason alone, I am appointing myself his campaign manager.


Hear that, Cardinal Seán?

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