Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Lord, What a Morning!

Oh, I’m happy right now. Happy, happy, happy.

When Katie came in last night after dinner with friends, she asked how my day had been and I answered Awesome. 

It was awesome. My Saturday was awesome. And I was happy.

I'm even happier now. Sunday has started out awesomer.

I woke up at 6:20, rolled over, and reached for my iPad. First thing I found was a message from Little Mattie.

Not my nephew, not the Evangelist either. Little Mattie is an old friend who's quite a bit younger than I. A real friend. The kind I've made since becoming a Catholic.

Little Mattie wrote that he has been reading my posts about the pilgrimage to Montreal, and he has been hanging out in Montreal a lot, and at St. Joseph's Oratory especially, and he wants to come to my house and eat my food and tell me about Montreal.

I replied: Yes, BYOB, I'll cook. I miss you Little Mattie. I thought, but didn't say, maybe I'll make angel food cake.

This is what happens when you "put it out there" that you're going to do something as reckless and devotional as walking to Montreal on foot.

Angels start asking for dinner.

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