Friday, December 5, 2014

Letting Go the Steam

I have worked for more than two years on my book, The Long Walk Home: Memoir and Fugue. During this time, I have written three drafts totaling more than a quarter-million words; clarity has gathered in me regarding certain events in my past and patterns in my life; and pressure has built up.

I was bursting with this pressure. Either I would let go of it or something would start to sour inside me. Finally, I have begun letting go. With the methodical posting of four memoir excerpts, to date, and a clear plan for unveiling the rest of my book, I now feel a tremendous sense of relief.

And gratitude for those who advised me.

The excerpts are posted as tabs at the top of this “home” page: Prolog/Dad/God/Lost (so far).

Click here to begin reading.

New excerpts will continue to appear here over the next few weeks or even months. I am taking my time about this not to tease anyone, or to play at being Dickens with some sort of serialization.

I am taking my time because a fresh, new approach occurred to me two days ago after a night of sleeplessness, and I now see that I can proceed safely, confidently, joyously, and without doing unnecessary harm. Also, the new approach requires some serious editing.

I extend special thanks to those who advised me (you know who you are), while taking every ounce of responsibility for the work and its release in present form.

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