Monday, February 2, 2015

The Butler Did It

That could have ended very badly. My over-confident prediction of victory for the best football team everyone hates, the New England Patriots, looked good, then bad, then good, then very bad again.

After Tom Brady rallied the Pats to a 28-24 lead, the NE team was nearly done in by another miracle catch (do Google searches on David Tyree Super Bowl 2008 and Mario Manningham Super Bowl 2012, if you don’t know). And they should have been defeated by Marshawn Lynch battering into the end zone with few ticks left.

Instead, Pete Carroll and Company had a brain fart, tried to pass at the goal line, and Pats rookie Malcolm Butler saved the game with a heads-up interception (picture).

I predicted a final of 30-13, and taking the under (at 47 1/2) was a bad bet. I never expected Russell Wilson to put up that many points.

The predicted victory margin was thirteen points too large. OK, I’m a homer, I admit it.

But thanks to God, Tom Brady, and Malcolm Butler, we got the final result right. Though not as right as Madden 2015, which predicted the score exactly.

I surprised myself by enjoying Katy Perry’s halftime show, with costuming over which Gulliver in his Dulcinea days would have drooled.

Only truly objectionable moment of the night was Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth tarnishing the Patriots accomplishment with several references immediately after the game to what awaits the team in the coming weeks when the dreaded Ted Wells investigation on Deflategate makes its report.

Based on the latest intelligence, the report is likely to be a dud.

Then, of course, there’s this.

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