Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My First Response to Daryl K

Dear Daryl,

Thank you for writing me yesterday to explain why you believe that I am not following Christ and why you call the Holy Mass a “fiasco.” You noted that you are a Reformed Baptist, i.e. a Christian like myself.

As a Christian and Catholic convert living in the most liberal state in the USA, I have come to realize that Christian faith is under attack from every direction. From inside come secularism and scientism. From outside comes the threat of militant Islam.

In this precarious situation, it seems to me important that Christians not attack one another. The same charity that Christ taught and that we try to model, we should show to fellow Christians. If we are not capable of charity, then, as my grandmother, my Ammie, a late convert to Catholicism herself, would have said, We ought at least to have some manners.

Your letter yesterday could have been more charitable. For example:
  • You began with the metaphor of my blog as a “spider web.” Believe me. With the name Webster, and the childhood nickname Web, I am sensitive to this metaphor! :-)
  • Setting aside your misinterpretation of papal infallibility, I must say that I found your references to the “Vatican hat-check girl” and “baloney” distinctly uncharitable. 
  • Your sarcastic, graphic description of the Holy Eucharist is downright offensive to a practicing daily-mass Catholic like myself.
If you would like to continue this discussion, please leave a comment below saying that you will try to keep things “mannerly” from now on. Otherwise, I am going to take my football (and rosary beads) and go home.

Yours in Christ, 

Webster Bull

PS. It may amuse you (it troubles me) that the one comment received on your letter yesterday was from an Orthodox Christian (I know him personally) whose self-satisfied sarcasm—directed toward both of us “Westerners”—is more concise than yours but no less divisive. WB

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