Tuesday, May 16, 2017

L’Arche Across America — Day 7 — Great Men

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Especially when the words are my own while the picture, however amateurish, captures the joy of an entire way of life, something I could never do if I wrote about L’Arche forever and a day.

The picture on this page was shot at Mt. Rushmore and posted on Instagram with a single phrase: Eight great Americans. This may seem presumptuous, but please note that the four Americans in the foreground are living and the four in the background, however important to history, are currently dead.

And that we are called by Christ and sometimes by our own hearts to love the living while letting the dead bury their own.

(Let me also still the beating, fluttery hearts of the PC crowd by noting that on Monday we also paid homage to Crazy Horse, who dwells on a mountain about four miles from Mt. Rushmore, but that said mountain was obscured by fog and so therefore we turned away from Mr. Horse, however great or crazy he may have been, and drove along until we found someone or something we could actually see.)

The four great Americans in the foreground of this photo are the male contingent of our six-person L’Arche Across America party: Webster, Woody, John, and Todd.

The two on the outside are assistants in L’Arche. The two at the heart of the photo represent the heart of L’Arche itself, men with disabilities slightly more evident than my own or maybe even than yours.

In seven short days they have become dearer to me than just about anything, though for long stretches Monday we did little more than drive together in a six-person van from Custer SD via Mt. Rushmore to Billings MT, where I am completing this post on Tuesday morning.


  1. Beautiful shot there boys!

  2. Couldn't figure how to sign my name but it's Fernando-

  3. I wrote a long second section to this post describing John and Woody as Oliver Twist and the Artful Didger but I was asked to take it down out of privacy concerns. That's why the post ends so abruptly


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