Monday, February 13, 2012

If You Think Someone May Have a Vocation…

I’m getting to think there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Or else everything is a coincidence.

For the past year, I’ve watched a young man who comes to daily Mass at our parish. Young men at daily Mass are relatively rare, but I was also particularly struck by his demeanor: respectful, serious but joyful. I began to think that “Bob” might make a fine priest, but for months I was shy about saying anything to him. Finally, three days ago, at Friday morning’s Mass, I happened to be exiting with him, shoulder to shoulder in the aisle.

I said, “Hey, Bob. For a while now, I’ve been thinking I might hear you’d entered the seminary.”

He smiled back at me and shook his head. “I don’t know about that,” he said.  “The idea of having a family has a lot of appeal for me.”

Two days ago, at Saturday’s vigil Mass, our pastor asked us to pray for two young men from our parish who were taking part in a weekend retreat to discern a vocation to the priesthood. I had not known about this retreat in advance.

This morning, I heard through a third party that one of the two young men from our parish who attended the retreat was Bob.

What’s beyond weird is that something very similar happened to me early in 2011, less than a year ago. That’s when I first met “Bill,” a daily communicant in our parish who is now completing his first year at St. John Seminary in Boston, under his real name, Brian.

If you think a young man may have a vocation to the priesthood, tell him so.


  1. W: You obviously have an intuition for this...I asked a high school student I know if he has considered the priesthood. He is a very devout teenager. He said he hadn't considered it, and I said "Well, think about it." He nodded.

  2. Just your comment may get him thinking.

    1. Perhaps it is equally valid to think that this young man is being formed by the Lord to be a man of God for his future wife before he meets her.

  3. yep, and then tell him that the Church ain't hiring!

    Look at the photos of seminarians. They simply look like "nice" people. Is that what we really need now?

    Here in the largest Catholic diocese in the world, Los Angeles, they can't recruit but a handful of guys and virtually none of them are Native born Americans!


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