Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camino de Santiago, Day 14: Burgos to Rabé de las Calzadas

It's Sunday on the Camino, a day of rest. After a short (14 km) hike out of the city of Burgos this morning, we are settled into an albergue on the Plaza Francisco Riberas in the little village of Rabé. It is a perfect afternoon, with bright sunshine, birds chirping, and the occasional bark of a dog. These Spanish villages aren't exactly hotbeds of activity, which suits me fine.

The day's biggest excitement came about 90 minutes ago, when a flock of about 20 vultures circled overhead as if preparing to divebomb my iPad. But they soon rode the wind currents northward and out of sight.

I am working on a longer post in an attempt to summarize my thoughts about our first two weeks on the Camino, with at least three more weeks to go. So I will cut this short and resume my anecdotal ramblings tomorrow, assuming good wifi, hopefully from the far side of Hornillos.

Marian, busily journaling beside me, sends her regards.

[NOTE: This series of posts on my Camino continues here.]

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